We are really happy to inform you that our meeting with the Mayor was good; now we have the ok to visit, on October 23rd, the acqueduct of Castel Morrone, a very nice village in the countryside of Caserta.
There is a surprise.....we are trying have the access to another place; in fact near the acqueduct there are ancient structures of the Borbonic period.
After the visit, we are going to spent some time all together. We're organizing a lunch at one of our member's house (Giada) in Castel Morrone...all of our student chapter members are kindly invited to be ACTIVE in this EVENT. To join this meeting please contact us by e-mail.

Annamaria and Giada


Hello to everyone!!!!!
We'd like to inform to all of you that we're working again to update our web-site;

!!!New ideas for several activities!!!!

Last week, after a summer break, we had our first meeting.
We discovered a Student Chapter group got on well together due to Hydro-web and Riverflow2004 activities. In fact on June, during the Second International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics - RiverFlow2004 - we had the opportunity to meet and know people from all the world with our same interest about hydraulics; the dinner organized by our Student Chapter, on the first day of the Conference, was a great success.
On the other hand, the experience of Hydro-web 2004 helped us to understand the usefulness of real-time comunication in solving technical projects. It was a great experience to work on it all together and at the same time with other people from Karlsrhue and St. Petersburg.
Also due to this positive experiences, now we have some new ideas about organization of several activities for our association.
In our meeting we decided to advance the following proposals. It was entrusted to each one a particular job, because it appeared the better way to grow up for our Student Chapter.

Two of our collagues, Chiara e Giuditta, are preparing an article to explain and report how was our experience during Hydro-Web2004. It will be published on our web-site as soon as possible :-)!!!!

A little group of our Student Chapter (Stefania, Annamaria, Giada, Carmela, MariaGiovanna) will try to do a review of European Union funded research projcts. More in detail, we'll search about all European research projects, concerning hydraulics, which are active nowadays and that will be on for next 2-3 years. We'll prepare a schedule for each project in order to create a database in which everyone can look to find information.

Luca e Pasquale are working in order to search about technical sites about hydraulics, to prepare a short article to be published on one of the next Newsletters.

Moreover, our site is just coming out to light...:-)...so Giada e Annamaria are working on it to let it grow up.
Whit the help of Michele and Carmine, we are trying to make a GuestBook on the site to give the opportunity to everyone to be in contact and go to show his ideas and advise about the site and cultural exchange on hydraulic themes.

Remembering the good time spent during the dinner organized at the end of Hydro-Web 2004, we are trying to have a new meeting outside the university walls. We'd like to join the opportunity to visit the acqueduct of a little village in our countryside and to have another lunch all together at the same time......we're just trying to contact the Mayor of the village to have a pass.

Annamaria and Giada

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