October 23rd 2004 in Castelmorrone

The student chapter IAHR from Naples is formed mainly by pretty girls who, besides their knowledge and skill in the solution of hydraulic problems, can organize wonderful days as the one on Saturday, October 23rd 2004 in Castelmorrone (CE)

Our Student Chapter went visiting the small country of Castelmorrone, near Caserta (50 km fom Naples). In the morning, during a difficult walk throughout the declivities of the hills, we ran up against a ravine of 50 m. about, bed of a river excavated in the solid rock during the geological periods. It was very exciting seeing from high that small river which gives life to a spontaneous vegetation with multifaceted colours according to the incidence of the sun's rays and to a proliferation of insects, among which the white spider. After eating at Giada's aunt's, the young met the Mayor of the country Aniello Riello and the city council member Rino Forgione for visiting the reservoir the water network of the country. It is a building of 300 m3, in other words it has about 300000 l of water which is taken from the hydrogeological reserve of Matese Mountain, notoriously known for its good requisites of taste; after a disinfection process by chlorination near Telese, water arrives at the above mentioned reservoir. People which it served were of 2000 inhabitants about, in the 50s; during last 50 years there has been a population growth up to 3000 inhabitants about. For this reason, today the modernization works are in progress with two more tanks whose opening is predicted for June, 2005. This will allow to double the water volume which serves the water network system. Satisfied by the visit and the explanation given by the mayor to the many curiosities shown, the students realized the importance of the problems involved in the realization, in the management and above all in the maintenance of such hydraulic infrastructures.



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