Napoli IAHR Student Chapter and RiverFlow 2004

RiverFlow 2004 Conference has offered a strong and relevant presence of young researchers coming from all over the world, due also to the presence of Master Classes. Three Master Classes have been held the day before the Conference opening, on the topics of River morphology and morphodynamics (A.M. da Silva & S. Yalin), Mass transport and dispersion in rivers (G.H. Jirka & W. Uijttewal) and Interaction between vegetation, river flow and sediment transport (G. Klaassen). The Chairmen managed the challenging task to let young research express about their activities, while giving them useful advices on the basis of their direct experience and knowledge. A great deal between innovation and tradition, and an extraordinary opportunity to learn in a rather unconventional way. About five students gave a presentation during each of the four Master Classes, which were attended also by several young participants, and each topic has been the subject of challenging discussions among all the participants. The local IAHR Student Chapter took care to create a link among all the students and young researchers involved in the conference, trying to put them in the best conditions to attend it, to promote social relations as well as knowledge exchange, and also - last but no least - to enjoy their stay in Napoli. To these aims, on 22th evening the Local IAHR Student Chapter organised a social event for all the students attending the Conference. After a traditional Pizza dinner, the near to sixty participants enjoyed a drink near the seaside and a fascinating walk in the heart of Naples by night.


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